Full name

Villains for hire


In need of an evil deed?
Villains for Hire is a team of evil geniuses working with graphical design and the production of art assets. We are competent and versatile, working both with concept art and illustrations, 3D modelling and web design and interface, meaning we can take you through an entire pipe-line, or help out anywhere in it.
Concept art
3D sculpting, modelling and texturing
Logotypes and icons
I.P. Development

We are familiar with game engines such as Unity and UDK. Importing meshes, creating materials and particle effects as well as level building are all parts of our arsenal.

The lineup
When we say Villains for Hire we specifically mean two people. Alex Lusth and Niklas Hallin have both studied graphical and video game design in Sweden where they originated and now have their headquarters. In 2012 they decided to join forces and start freelancing artistic work together.